Live stream Drupal 8 AMA

A Drupal User Group (aka DUG) is a real life meetup where people attend to listen to a presentation about a certain topic and afterwards ask some questions.
We’ve given those at Dazzle HQ before, but we wanted to try it maybe just a little different this time.

A live stream through Youtube. It was an idea that lived in Dazzle.

What if we allow people to ask us questions about Drupal 8 and we reply through live video?

Great! Let’s do it – the first thing that came into my mind. We send out the word that people could send their questions in advance through e-mail or Twitter and we got some submissions.

So we prepared more or less some answers to those questions and without further ado we were 🔴┬álive on Youtube.

Watch the video here:

I think we can all tell you that we were somewhat nervous and we also didn’t know really what to expect as it’s a first.