When you can call your workplace a second home

A time for a barbecue with the team during the summer months. It’s great for the moral and people can just relax and have fun in a way that is a bit different than the daily stuff going on.

An important thing for employers to do is to stimulate fun from time to time. At Dazzle we decided to do an after-work barbecue.

And yes I’m in charge of making the cocktails. The Daiquiri is famous amongst the lime juice family of cocktails. With simple ingredients (lime juice, rum and sugar) it’s easy to make, yet important to get the right amount of each ingredient.

Second home

Most of the time you are awake during the week, you are spending at work. It only seems logic that you work at a place where you feel rather good. When you can call work a second home, it’s only normal to have a barbecue or a drink now and then. Great work has a great portion of fun attached to it.