Are we slowly killing Scrum?

Most companies I’ve seen implementing an Agile framework, are using Scrum.

I believe that Scrum is commonly used due to the fact that it’s pretty strict.
Meaning: You will do the Daily Scrum daily and according to its three key topics. You will have a retrospective at the end of each sprint and also come out with improvements that you can implement in the next iteration.

Companies that love processes, steps, following plans,… are likely to move towards Scrum for these reasons. At least from what I’ve seen.

Sounds kinda strict right? Scrum is actually being just that with yourself. If you act according to these key items, then Scrum can help you do better as a team.

If you say you’re doing Scrum, but in fact changed everything of its aspects, and the results are worse the company you work for will think that Agile/Scrum is not working.

This might be the point in time where we are killing Scrum.

Now in reality what I see is never an implementation of Scrum Рat least not according to the book standards, but hey РI see hybrids popping up. While there is nothing wrong with a hybrid model, it could (not saying it would) actually harm more in Scrum.

Below video is funny, but harmful at the same time. Think about it.

Implementing things wrong might mean their end.