Playing games

Working in a team means a couple of things:

  • Figuring out who can help you with what and vice versa.
  • Exposing your strengths and weaknesses to others.
  • Sharing
  • … And many more

When working together, it feels like you’re in a relationship, which it basically is. All good relationships have fundaments created together. It should not always be work. Doing fun things together thickens that bond.

Playing a game is more than just playing a game.

A good example of this is increasing the fun factor of a retrospective. A retro has some straight forward goals to achieve, but at least increase the fun. – An example is the Star Wars retro.

You might find that playing a game as a team can result in positive effects greater than eating¬†🍕¬†together.

Playing games in a team allows you to further explore each other. It should be seen as a tool – and as with all tools, they serve a purpose but don’t provide the solution -.

Tastycupcakes is a great place to start with games.