Treasure hunters

Treasure hunters is a theme you can use to make the retrospective even more fun. As the team uses the sprint goal as their treasure, they will highlight events within the iteration that were positive or negative and had an influence on the outcome of the iteration.

Let’s look back at the past iteration and write down the goal we had.
The example goal I’m going to use is: Checkout process: select shipping, online payment.

We’re going to use our sprint goal as the treasure of that iteration.

Draw an isle on the whiteboard and mark the treasure with an X. Write out the goal in short as part of the treasure.

The dotted line represents the road to the treasure, but also serves as the separator between a positive and negative event.

Everyone adds events to the map using sticky notes to indicate what helped them (above the dotted line) along the road or what held them back (below the dotted line).
Discuss the events and let the authors explain a bit more in-depth if needed.
You can use dotvoting to nominate improvements for the next iteration.

Tip: You might want to limit the amount of events per person (2-3 sticky notes).

See an example of the final result. Happy retro!