Digital sustainability coach with a passion for Change.

Hi, I’m Kevin.

I love how people think and work. I believe that together we can build better software. Collaboration and interaction are key to achieve this, although the corporate culture does play a big role in enabling this.

Do you want to get a ☕️ during the week with me?

I’ll try to keep this as a short version

Started as a developer in 2009 for Colruyt Group Services, mostly to write CSS and JavaScript in my job as a front-end developer.

After a few years of pulling and pushing we finally got Drupal in and I started coaching co-workers. At some point I picked up the role as lead developer.

So after some time you start realising that developing software is not always as easy in a traditional Waterfall approach. Strict processes made it hard to introduce change and the people didn’t always get the feeling that they were part of a delivery train. I decided to dive into the Agile methodology and learn other approaches. I must say this really opened my eyes in a way that I too wanted to spread the word.

The TLDW version is: I became super excited about Lean and Agile. So I made it my job at Dazzle.
Because, why not do something you ❤️?

This blog is a way for me to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences with you. Keep in mind that, of course since it’s personal, you might find content that is open for discussion. If you do, let’s discuss over a ☕️ coffee.

Enjoy the reading.