Working in Corona times

Most people in IT are working from home, or are very little at the office, during these Corona times. Myself, I’ve been a part of the teams, as the architect and/or coach, creating multiple MVP applications in a matter of days, for the Flemish government, to support companies survive this financial disaster by allowing them to request premiums.

Pulled out of the comfort zone of seeing a colleague’s face on a daily base, to an online video chat mimicking that feeling. The balance between working/personal life is put under pressure. Some people had their kids at home while still working.
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Are we slowly killing Scrum?

Most companies I’ve seen implementing an Agile framework, are using Scrum.

I believe that Scrum is commonly used due to the fact that it’s pretty strict.
Meaning: You will do the Daily Scrum daily and according to its three key topics. You will have a retrospective at the end of each sprint and also come out with improvements that you can implement in the next iteration.

Companies that love processes, steps, following plans,… are likely to move towards Scrum for these reasons. At least from what I’ve seen. Continue reading Are we slowly killing Scrum?

The team’s superhero

Help! We have a superhero in our team!

Some development teams have a member that always saves the day, can handle any error and write a fix for it. I’m talking about the person you go to when you’re stuck with a logical programming issue.

These people are amazing and really can save the day.

But there is a pitfall. At least, it depends on the person. In this article I am calling the superhero the saviour who enjoys the attention of saving the day. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that(! don’t get me wrong here), it might be unhealthy for the team. Continue reading The team’s superhero

Live stream Drupal 8 AMA

A Drupal User Group (aka DUG) is a real life meetup where people attend to listen to a presentation about a certain topic and afterwards ask some questions.
We’ve given those at Dazzle HQ before, but we wanted to try it maybe just a little different this time.

A live stream through Youtube. It was an idea that lived in Dazzle.

What if we allow people to ask us questions about Drupal 8 and we reply through live video?

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Friday oh friday

08:30: Driving to work after a quick cup of coffee.
09:00: Stopping at the car wash – yes it was time.
10:00: Facilitating daily scrum
12:00: Preparing retrospective

18:00: Ending the week. Time to enjoy the weekend.