Star Wars retrospective!

So, after giving a few retrospectives in a project, I asked a team member if he wanted to give the next one. He instantly agreed and I didn’t hear him speaking about it again.

The day of the retrospective he disappeared a few minutes before.
What we saw when we entered the room was incredible.

He actually spent time on thinking about a good retrospective and found one that fits him most. I am proud that triggering people in such a positive way stimulates them in doing more than good.

I kid you not, even the Star Wars theme song was playing in the background!
Sir, I applaud you.

So how does this retrospective work?

So each planet represents ‘anything’ such as a feeling, a work instruction, a task, …

Death star: really bad, things we must do something about.
Tatooine: bad, if possible next iteration, fix.
Endor: good, let’s keep improving this even more.
Alderaan: really good, keep as-is.